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I miss you:/
Im so sorry i let distance get between us.
You dnt know how much it kills me to even try and tlk to you knowing that we dnt rly tlk anymore. Its like we knt even carry a conversation. At least over text.
I wanna see you. Maybe then you’ll see how much ive missed you. :/ You stuck up for me even over the littlest things. I want that back. hah I miss your random texts that would brighten up even the shitttiest day. I just i want it all back. Im sorry.

If you reply to this i probably wont see it but ill be checking…

I love you Shelbybby nothing will ever change that. Your my best friend still<3 No one will ever replace you.


heyy I’m sellin a bunch of dandom stuff so if anyones interested msg me plz. i gotta get some money quick and im moving out and its a bunch of stuff i dnt need like posters, a dvd player w/ remote, incents, bouncy balls, hah a bunch of random stuff so msg me?

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